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Jelaminah vs. Lauren is the physical fight between Jelaminah Lainer and Lauren Lewis featured on the fourteenth season of Bad Girls Club


Jela, still heated,upset and offended from Lauren being disrespectful,racist and ridiculous by saying the N word, soon confronts Lauren about this major issue after a confessional with one of the Clermonts. Jela, explaining to Lauren that what she did was very disrespectful because Lauren is white, soon gets annoyed as Lauren explains to Jela she didn't mean it and she was just singing it from a song. Jela, getting fed up tells Lauren that she is going to give her hell everytime she gets, makes Lauren confused and annoyed. Tina,is sitting on the bed and watching the argument occur. Jela soon gets closer to Lauren and raises up,looking down at her and yelling that Lauren is white and she cannot say the N word and that's what it comes down to. Lauren then rises to Jela's level and says a smart remark, resulting in Jela pushing Lauren back and sending her flying backwards. Jela then gets to her feet and waits for Lauren to get up. As Lauren stands, she runs up and tries to shove/punch Jela in the face. Jela grabs Lauren's hands and as Lauren fails to connect, Jela punches Lauren straight in the face. Lauren almost loses her balance due to Jela hitting her with so much force, but tries running up again. Jela then pushes her in the face and brings her under her arm, putting Lauren in a headlock and almost choking her. Security comes to break it up and Lauren is being carried away as Jela is yelling to her the next time she says something she isn't supposed to say, she's fucking her up. Lauren then yells back that she would never mean it like what she thinks and that Jela is a bitch. Jela then yells back "Fuck You! Now Kiss my Ass!"

Winner: Jelaminah

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