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Jelaminah vs. Jenna
Season 14: Back for More
Between Jelaminah Lanier and Jenna Charland
Number of Fights 3 (one unseen round)

Jelaminah vs. Jenna is the physical altercations between Jelaminah Lanier and Jenna Charland featured on the fourteenth season of Bad Girls Club.



Round 1[]

Jela is still mad about Jenna getting her dress wet during her argument with the twins. She decides to lock Jenna out of the house. When Jenna realizes that she's locked out, she kicks the back door in where Jela is making cupcakes. Jela and Jenna get into an argument about what occured the previous fight. Jenna begins to whisper in Jela's ear, invading her personal space. Jela takes off her socks and tells her that if she gets in her face again, she was gonna slide her ass. Jenna ties up her hair and walks to Jela, insinuating a fight. Before Jenna can take another step, Jela punches Jenna dead in mouth and begins to swing. Security comes to break it up after Jela throws a couple punches and Jenna swings but misses. Jela wants to make Jenna mad so she throws her liquor out to keep bullying her for a stupid reason.

Winner: Jela

Round 2 (Unaired)[]

Allegedly, after their first fight by the phone room, Jela goes to her room to put on her sneakers and goes downstairs. While Jela is downstairs, Jenna comes downstairs with a security guard, wanting another round. Jela claimed that she hopped over security and punches Jenna upside that head multiple times until security breaks it up. This fight went unaired during the episode.

Round 3[]


After fighting Jenna twice in less than one hour, Jelaminah goes to frost her cupcakes. Jenna finds her liquor on the counter and quickly realizes that it's watered down. Jenna confronts Jela in kitchen, telling Jela that she owes her money. Jela ask if Jenna wants to fight again and Jenna responds by swinging. Jela throws Jenna against the wall and both to punch each other on the head multiple times. Security comes as Jenna kicks Jela in the stomach and pulls Jela’s hair, Jela has Jenna by the back of her hair and punches her in the side of the head before throwing her to the floor. Jela tells Jenna that she'll get enough of running up and continues to make her cupcakes.

Winner: Jela


The producers call the girls to the living room for a house meeting. He tells the girls that they can't fight for the rest of the day or they'll be sent home. Jela, not wanting to go home, calls Jenna outside to talk. Jela gives Jenna her alcohol back and squashes the beef. Jenna accepts her apology but won't be her friend.



BGC14 Jelaminah vs Jenna round 2 unedited


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