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Jelaminah vs. Biggie
Baddies Caribbean
Between Jelaminah "Jela" Lanier, and Damerlin "Biggie" Baez
Number of Fights 4
Episodes "We Outside Tonight" (Round 1-3) "Flew'd Out" (Round 4)

Round 1 (Mini Fight)

Jela and Biggie get into a heated argument on the boat because of a fued which happened off camera where Biggie said she was going to smack Jela. The girls stand up and Biggie tries to hit Jela but Jela blocks it. The security guard on the boat breaks up the altercation and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tie

Round 2


Before the dinner begins, Jela confronts Biggie once again and asks what she's going to do. The women stand up and begin to fight and Jela tries to hit Biggie, but Biggie dodges it and mushes Jela, with Jela then punching her a couple of times and Biggie doing the same and scratching her. Jela manages to pull off Biggie's wig before the fight ends

Winner: Tie

Round 3


Jela punches Biggie twice and the women start struggling with each other until it's broken up.

Winner: Jela

Round 4 (Mini Fight)

Biggie asks for another round and Jela hits Biggie in the back twice very quickly before they are broken up by security again.

Winner: Jela

Round 5


The women square up again and Jela and Biggie try hitting each other, with Jela landing one hit before it is broken up again. In the struggle, Biggie pulls off Jela's chain.

Winner: Tie/Jela

Round 6


Winner: Jela