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Jelaminah, Shannon and Shannade vs. Jenna, Lauren and Kat
Season 14: Back for More
Between Jelaminah Lanier, Shannon Clermont, Shannade Clermont, Jenna Charland, Lauren Lewis, and Kat Florek

Jelaminah, Shannon and Shannade vs. Jenna, Lauren and Kat is the physical altercation featured on the fourteenth season of Bad Girls Club. The fight involves Jelaminah Lanier, Shannon Clermont, Shannade Clermont, Jenna CharlandLauren Lewis, and Kat Florek. This is the opening fight of the season. As a result, Jelaminah, Shannon and Shannade are removed from the house. 


The 1X are furious about being left home after the twins and Jela took the limo to go to the club. Jasmine proposes the idea to destroy all of Jelaminah's and the Clermont twins' clothes. Jenna eagerly agrees to do so while Kat and Lauren are more hesitant. Jasmine and Jenna begin to persuade Lauren and Kat into joining their plan which they eventually agree to. The girls begin to pour ketchup, hot sauce, nail polish, paint, and other condiments. They throw all of Clerminah's purses and heels in the tub. They fill the tub with condiments and throws all of Clerminah's stuff outside. Jela and The Clermont twins arrive back from the club only to find all of their stuff over the yard. Jass, Kat, Lauren, and Jenna are lined up waiting for them to enter the house. The twins enter the house while Jela is taking off her shoes. The twins go upstairs but are followed by Jenna. Jenna starts a brief fight with Shannon, but Shannade tells Shannon not to swing. When Jelaminah comes up the stairs, Jenna gets ready to fight again but is pulled back by Jasmine. Shannon tells Jela that Jenna hit her and as Jela turns around, Lauren charges Jela. Before Lauren can swing, Jela punches Lauren in the face. Before Lauren falls, Jela grabs her by the shirt and begins to punch Lauren in the face multiple times. Lauren is carried away by security while Kat sneaks a couple punches on Jela. In the aftermath Jela and the twins begin to destroy the house this caused Jela and the twins to be removed from the house.

Winner: Jela and the twins



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