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JeLisa "Jelly Bean" Bean
Bad Girl Information
Jelly Bean
December 4, 2002
Chicago, IL
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Baddies Caribbean (season 5)
Baddies Caribbean
Natalie Nunn
Baddies Caribbean
Johnece “Kaliwae" Miller
Latifa "Tesehki" Malone
Mariahlynn Araujo
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Tesehki you are jealous as f*ck bro

JeLisa Bean (also known as Jelly Bean) is a replacement cast member on Baddies Caribbean. Jelly Bean is currently 21 years old and resides in Chicago, IL.

While on Baddies Caribbean, Jelly Bean would get into multiple physical altercations with Kaliwae after she snuck her to get her spot as a reserve. She would also fight Mariahlynn and Tesehki for standing next to Tesehki's husband.


Baddies Caribbean[]

Baddie Episodes
Episode 4 Episode Episode Episode
Jelly Jelly Jelly Jelly Jelly
  1. Jelly Bean replaces Shannon in episode 4.


Image Opponents Episode
KalivsJelly1 Kali Let's Get Ready To Rumblllllle
JellyvsMariah Mariahlynn Drowned You
TesehkivsJelly Tesehki Last Night In Barbados