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Jazmyn vs. Allison
Season 15
Between Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace and Allison Green

Jazmyn vs. Allison is a physical altercation between Jazmyn and Allison in Season 15 episode 7, Birthday Blowout (Season 15).


Allison asks Jaimee to chill out after an altercation that happened earlier (Angela, Kristina & Amber vs Susu & Hanan). Jaimee & Allison continues to argue until Jazmyn steps in the argument. Allison gets into Jazmyn's face leading to Jazmyn shoving Allison into the bar and as Jazmyn does that to Allison, Allison elbows Jazmyn on the head and the two were brawling from there with Jazmyn double punching Allison on her head whilst Allison triple punches Jazmyn on her head back as security comes to break up the fight then the two kept going when Jaimee & Jazmyn kept messing with Allison but she couldn't get to them. The Wallace Sisters are once again sent to a hotel meanwhile Allison's weave is missing and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tie


This was the first, and only 1 on 1 fight in the house of the season.