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Jazmyn and Jaimee vs Angela and Kristina is a physical altercation that occured on the sixth episode of the fifteenth season of Bad Girls Club.


After a night at the club, a drunken Jaimee and Jazmyn continue to be loud in the limo after the several warnings from the other girls. A drunk Kristina begins to argue with Jazmyn telling her that as a woman, she should shut the fuck up. Kristina gets up and begins to choke Jazmyn. Jaimee suddenly kicks Kristina to the floor of of the limo. Angela punches Jazmyn in the head multiple times and gets her hair pulled by Jaimee. Security comes to break it up and gets kicked in the face by Jazmyn.

Winner: Tie


When Jazmyn and Jaimee were taken to a different van, Asia begins to yell at them. Jazmyn throws her shoe and it hits Asia in the face. Jazmyn and Jaimee went home to gather some clothes before going to a hotel for their second time.



BGC15 - Kristina & Angela vs Jaz & Jaimee Unedited