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Janet Vs. Woah Vicky
Baddies East
Between Victoria "Woah Vicky" Waldrip and Janet "Jay" LaCotorra
Number of Fights 1

Janet Vs. Woah Vicky is the physical altercation between Janet "Jay" LaCotorra and Victoria "Woah Vicky" Waldrip on the Fourth season of Baddies.


After the various altercations, Woah Vicky begins preaching in the name of Jesus. Chrisean gets irritated with Vicky for preaching especially after her friends undergoing their altercations with Tehseki. Chrisean sends Jay to fight Vicky and Janet begins dashing towards Vicky. Woah Vicky begins screaming and tries to run away from Jay but Jay reaches her in time up and pressures Vicky forcefully onto the grass and begins swinging on her. Vicky punches Janet back and pulls her hair until Security manage to get Janet off of her.

Winner: Tie


After being rushed by Janet, Vicky decides to leave Baddies East without any alert and presses charges against Chrisean. Whilst in The Sprinter after the fight, Tee felt like Vicky was faking her image as a Christian woman and gets aggressively passionate about it, causing a feud between her and Scotty when Scotty tells her to calm down which tenses up Tee more.