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Janet Vs. Tesehki and MariahLynn
Baddies: East
Between Janet "Jay" LaCotorra with Latifa "Tesehki" Malone and Mariahlynn Araujo
Number of Fights 1

Janet Vs. Tesehki and MariahLynn is the physical altercation between Janet "Jay" La Cotorra with Latifa "Tesehki" Malone and Mairahlynn Araujo on the Fourth season of Baddies.


Tesehki approaches Janet to fight since she is done with getting her lick back on Marsh. They both square up and Tesehki throws a punch at Jay's face with MariahLynn also advancing and hitting Jay in the side of her head causing her to collapse to the ground. MariahLynn and Tehseki try to advance their altercation when Janet is on the ground but they are quickly blocked by Security.

Winner: Tesehki and MariahLynn