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Janelle vs. Tiana and Jazmone
Season 11: Miami
Between Janelle Shanks, Tiana Small and JazMone Adams
Number of Fights 2

Janelle vs. Tiana and Jazmone is the physical altercation between Janelle Shanks, Tiana Small and JazMone Adams in the eleventh season of Bad Girls Club. Janelle voluntarily leaves the house due to the fight. There was another fight between the three together at the reunion.


Round 1


Tiana and Jazmone go into Janelle's bedroom and tell her that it's time for her to leave, but Janelle rebelliously refuses to leave, and the two both attempt to pack up all of her items into garbage bags and leave them outside of the house. Janelle decides that it's time for her to go, and she talks to Andrea, who doesn't exactly have her back in this situation. Tiana comes to confront her and provoke her, and trying to pull her out of the house, leading into a physical fight with Janelle elbowing Tiana on the side of her head and Tiana's head bounces back off the wall. Tiana pulls Janelle out of the doorway and Janelle pulls Tiana's hair. Tiana grabs Janelle's arm and starts punching her in the head while Janelle still holds on to Tiana's hair. Janelle pulls Tiana's hair downwards and Tiana throws another blow to the head. As security grabs Tiana, Janelle finally lets go of Tiana's hair and tries punching at Tiana but misses, and Tiana hits Janelle a few times. Tiana is pulled away by security and Janelle also hits Jazmone on her way out and splits, and she leaves.

Winner: Janelle

Round 2 (Reunion Fight)


Janelle is sat down and asked why she thinks the girls are beefing with her. Janelle responds with " I don't know..I haven't done anything to anybody..From the moment that i walked in the house, bitches decided they just weren't gonna like me period." Tiana then gets up and runs over to Janelle with her fist balled up and she punches Janelle in the back of the head. Janelle then falls back onto the couch and pushes Tiana over the side of the couch. Tiana grabs onto Janelle's hair and throws a few punches as she falls behind the couch. Jazmone comes from behind stage and rushes to Tiana and Janelle, but gets stopped by Security. Andrea tries to intervene but is thrown by Tanisha. Jazmone does succeed somewhat because she got to pull Janelle's hair a bit as well too. Security then Takes Tiana and Jaz and Janelle's weave is loose and messed up so she goes backstage to fix it.

Winner: Janelle



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