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Janelle vs. Gigi, JazMone and Teresa
Season 11: Miami
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Between Janelle Shanks, GiGi Lopez, JazMone Adams and Teresa Bordeaux
Number of Fights 1

Janelle vs. Gigi, JazMone and Teresa is the physical altercation between Janelle ShanksGiGi Lopez , JazMone Adams and Teresa Bordeaux in the eleventh season of Bad Girls Club. As a result of this fight, Teresa is removed from the house.


When Gigi turns around, Janelle slaps her in the side of her head really hard, Shanae started screaming and Gigi turns around again to fight Janelle, both started slapping each other in the face before Gigi grabs Janelle’s hair hard, Janelle also grabs Gigi’s bun and both pulled their hair and wrestled while the other girls came to “break the fight up”, Janelle pushes Jaz making her fall down and Jaz got up pushing Janelle to the floor. Teresa grabbed and pulled Janelle’s hair from behind, Teresa falls to the floor and Janelle kicks her in the face barefoot, security comes to break them up and Teresa who was still pulling her hair attempts to kick her head with her heel, failing. They break the fight up and take Teresa out of the room.

Winner: Janelle



BGC11 - Janelle vs Gigi & Teresa (Unedited & HD)