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Janae vs. Alicia and Valentina
Season 10: Atlanta
Between Janae Bradford, Alicia Saaman and Valentina Anyanwu
Number of Fights 1

Janae vs. Alicia and Valentina is the physical altercation between Janae BradfordAlicia Saaman, and Valentina Anyanwu in the tenth season of Bad Girls Club.


Alicia and Valentina plot to get Janae out of the house. When the two begin to pack her items in trash bags, the two also make a concoction and throws it on her while she sits outside of the house, stranded. Alicia packs her items, calling it a "garage sale" until Janae tries to stop her and Alicia viciously attacks Janae dragging her by the hair and constantly tossing her around, janae tries to fight back grabbing Alicia’s shirt and struggling but Alicia kept the upper hand tossing and throwing Janae around, While the two fight, Valentina jumps in the fight and also pulls Janae’s hair and hits her a couple of times. After the girls tortured and dragged Janae, come back to the house. Because of the altercation, Janae leaves the house.

Winners: Alicia and Valentina



Janae vs Alicia full fight HD