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Allison and Melissa vs. Jazmyn and Jaimee
Season 15
Between Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace, Jaimee Wallace and Allison Green, Melissa Green

Jaimee and Jazmyn vs Allison and Melissa is a physical altercation between The Wallace Sisters (Jaimee and Jaz) & The Green Sisters (Allison and Melissa) in Season 15, episode 8 OG Overthrow.


While Amber temporarily makes peace with the Wallace Sisters, Allison began getting defensive towards the Wallace Sisters. Amber & Jaimee were trying to calm down Allison but Allison continues to pick a fight with Jaimee. Jaimee gets on top of the seat, which the 2 began arguing. The rest of the house tried to stop the fight but Allison attacks Jaimee leading to a final brawl with both Allison and Melissa trying to jump Jaimee but Jaimee pushes the both of them back with Melissa landing back on one of the limo seats whilst Allison crashes into Jazmyn and the 2 start fighting with the both of them hair pulling and punching but Jazmyn throws and lands more punches than Allison due to Allison being pulled off by security quickly but her hair is getting pulled by Jaimee as one of the BGC producers comes into the limo to help break up the fight and then the fight ends there with the Wallace Sisters are sent back into a hotel.

Winner: Tie


Allison and Melissa both leave the following day.

  • It is unclear is Amber was trying to jump in the fight or break it up
  • This is the last limo fight of the season