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Jade Bennett
Bad Girl Information
The Party Diva
April 27, 1989
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 6: Hollywood
4 episodes
Char Warren
Jessica Rodriguez
Nikki Galladay
Kori Koether
Left the house in Season 6
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Jade Bennet (also known The Party Diva) is an original bad girl on Season 6. Jade is currently 28 years old and resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Season 6[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-12 Episode 13
Jade Jade Jade
  1. Jade voluntarily left the house in episode 1 after heated arguments with Nikki.
  2. Jade is replaced by Ashley in episode 3.
  3. Jade made an appareance in the season finale for a Oxygen`s photoshoot.


Opponents Episode
JadeJesNikki Jessica


Hotter in Hollywood
JadevsNikki2 Nikki
KoriJadeReunion Kori Season 6: Reunion Part 2


  • Jade is the first Bad girl to stay in the house for only one episode.
    • It has been rumored that Jade actually stayed in the house for one or two weeks but it was edited to make it appear as though she only stayed for two days.


  • "I'm a fighter, but my thing is that if I'm sober, I'll fight if I have to. But if I'm drunk, I'll fight whoever, then I'm just going full force. It is what it is."


Season 6[]