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Jada vs. Danni is the physical altercation between Jada Cacchilli and Danielle Victor on the reunion of the thirteenth season of Bad Girls Club.

Jada vs. Dani
Season 13: Redemption
Between Jada Cacchilli and Dani Victor

Jada received a lot of backlash for this fight simply because she caught Danni off guard and did not keep the energy with Camilla who actually wanted to fight Jada, But Jada said that she is so sick and tired of Danni running her mouth and that she was talking mad sh*t about Jada and her mother on Twitter online so it's more personal beef from there which means that Jada has more beef and is way madder at Danni then Camilla, But as Danielle "Danni" verbally destroys Jada by telling her that "Jada needs to understand who the f*ck she is talking to" , Jada stands up and approaches her only for Danni to be punched in the face and then after that Camilla tries to jump in but then the girls are pulled apart and broken up from hitting each other and the fight ends there.

Winner: Jada