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Jada vs. Britt
Season 12: Chicago
Between Jada Cacchilli and Brittany "Britt" Britton


Prior to Britt's entrance at the reunion, Tanisha Thomas discusses Britt's animosity towards Jada. Before Jada can answer Tanisha's question about their beef, Britt stands up offering to fight her -- reciprocated, Britt lunges at Jada and commits assault on her. Britt pushes Jada to the couch while throwing a punch at the same time that Jada grabs her hair and falls backwards with Britt landing on top of her. Britt starts throwing punches at Jada’s forehead, jaw, and top of her head while Jada pulls Britt’s hair and kicks britt in the stomach. Security grabs the two and attempts to break it up with Slim also trying to break it up but fails. Aysia attempts to jump in by pulling Britt's hair but she’s grabbed by security. Britt gets held by security while Jada swings at Britt’s head and a security guard’s arm before they’re finally broken up.

Winner: Britt