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Jada vs. Aysia
Season 12: Chicago
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Between Jada Cacchilli and Aysia Garza
Number of Fights 2

Jada vs. Aysia is a physical altercation between Jada Cacchilli and Aysia Garza in Season 12



Round 1

Aysia and Jada get into a heated argument at a bar, and Aysia confronts her, saying that no one likes her in the house and then as Aysia touches Jada, Jada is angry by this and pushes her and then the 2 girls both slap each other on their chest and the fight ends there as the girls are quickly pulled away from each other.

Winner: Jada

Round 2

When this situation occurs, the girls, specifically Brittany "Britt" Britton and Loren Jordan, instigate a fight between Aysia and Jada. When Aysia goes face to face with Jada, Aysia pushes Jada and then Jada grabs Aysia by her hair and attacks her until security gets hold of them. After the fight is broken up, Redd and Jada talks to Aysia and the two reconcile. Eventually, the two become close in the house.

Winner: Jada



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