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I Got Your Backbone
Bad Girls Club: LA (Part 3)
Season 3, Episode 2
Air date December 9, 2008
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Breaking and Entering
Boston Tea Party

I Got Your Backbone is the second episode of the third season of Bad Girls Club. It aired on Oxygen on December 9, 2008, with total of 1.012 viewers.


Continuing the previous episode, "Breaking and Entering", where the last one ended. Kayla, still mad about the situation, is standing outside of the restaurant and shouting, which embarrasses all girls and especially Tiffany, when Kayla calls her out for not having her back. The girls get home, where Kayla bursts into tears while explaining why she blew up. She also opens up about her tough childhood, but Tiffany and Whitney console and ensure her that they are true friends from now on. The next day, the separation in the house becomes somewhat defined: the Ambers set up 'The Amber Show', where they gossip about the girls in the confessional, especially Ailea. Sarah longs for men and she encourages the girls to go on speed dating. Ailea decides to go, but she is nervous as she has been dating online for a long time. While thinking of question for the event, Kayla and Ailea sit in the kitchen and Ailea tells Kayla that they might be talking about her, which quickly sets Kayla off. This all leads to a huge argument between her and Tiffany. Ailea is considered the cause of Kayla getting mad, so a meeting is held, where she explains herself. The girls go speed dating later. Almost everyone finds men for the evening, with Sarah being one of the exceptions which largely disappoints her.