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Kristina and Amber vs. Susu and Hanan
Season 15
Between Susu Ibrahim, Hanan Ibrahim and Amber Thorne, Kristina Babicz

Hanan and Susu vs Kristina and Amber is a physical fight between Hanan Ibrahim, Susu Ibrahim, Kristina Babicz, And Amber Thorne featured on the Season 15 episode 10, Five Dollar Farewell.


When Hanan and Susu return from their hotel, they're still angered about the night before and plan on confronting Kristina. Susu and Hanan come downstairs to Kristina who is getting her hair braided by Asia. Susu says that from here on out, her and Kristina will have beef no matter what. Hanan joins the argument and a brief fight happens between Kristina and Hanan. Security takes Hanan and Susu upstairs to their room with Jaimee and Jazmyn. Kristina continues to get her hair braided and tells Susu she should go home and take care of her kids. Susu runs downstairs to fight Kristina with Hanan right behind her. Kristina stands up behind Amber, and Susu comes and begins to punch her. Hanan tried to jump but is blocked by security. Susu punches Kristina and throws her to the ground, while Amber sneaks Susu and starts fighting her. Hanan throws a chair at Amber and drags Amber by her braids across the floor.

Winner: Hanan and Suha


Hanan and Susu are taken upstairs while Kristina continues to talk about the fights. The producers tell Hanan and Susu that since Susu threw pictures the night before, and Hanan threw a chair at Amber, they have to go home. This upsets Jaimee and Jaz, but makes OGs happy. This is also the last fight of the season inside the mansion.