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Hailey vs. JazMone, Benze and Tiana
Season 11
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Between Hailey Wade, JazMone Adams, Mercedies Webber and Tiana Small

Due to Hailey's drunken behavior, Hailey throws up in the hose, and doesn't admit to it. When all of the girls smell it, each girl provokes her, telling her that she did it so she should clean it up. Jazmone leads it on, by calling Hailey a Dog and a Bitch multiple times while Hailey still dosen't admit. Jaz pushes Hailey by the counter and the fight soon begins. Jazmone says to Hailey that if she dosent clean it up, she will clean her up with it. Jaz attempted to push Hailey in the vomit, but Hailey swings at Jazmone's eye and the fight soon begins with Jaz taking over and punching Hailey to the ground, Benze and Tiana jump in and start hitting Hailey on the side of her head and her chest. Jaz, still on top and punching Hailey in the head over and over, the fight moves to where the girl's picture's are and while Benze gets carried away along with Tiana, Jaz continues punching Hailey and beating her up. As Jaz gets dragged away, Hailey is on the ground and starts twerking. Benze tries to get around security and asks Hailey if she still wants to twerk. Hailey says :of course i wanna twerk".

Winners: Jazmone, Benze and Tiana