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Flo vs. Jasmine
Bad girls All Star Battle Season 1
Between Flo Kaja and Jasmine (Jenniffer`s Sister)

Flo vs. Jasmine is an altercation that happened at the All Star Battle Season 1 Reunion between Flo and Jennifer Hardwick's sister, Jasmine.


When Jenn revealed that she is pregnant, Flo started to accuse her of being pregnant while competing. Feeling disrespected, Jenn walks off the stage and goes backstage with her sister, Jasmine. While talking to Ray J, she changes her outfit and goes back on stage, with her sister. Flo and Jasmine get into an arguement until Jasmine ends up punching Flo in the face only for Flo to quickly punch Jasmine back on her face and The two fight with them grabbing, punching, slapping and scratching each other until they are pulled off each other by security.

Winner: Tie