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Flo vs. Natalie is the physical altercation between Flo Kaja and Natalie Nunn in Season 4's reunion of Bad Girls Club.


Season 4

When Flo explains her disappointment for the girls who turned against her in the house, including Natalie, who tries to defend herself, Flo stands up towards her telling her not to get smart. This escalates very quickly when Flo pushes Natalie in the neck and turns her head sideways by grabbing her hair, Flo swings twice as Natalie starts kicking. The two get separated and Flo is sent backstage by security. Flo, however, is sent back to the reunion stage but she is forced to sit in the audience.

Winner: Flo

All Star Battle Season 1

When Natalie throws a bottle of cleaning supplies on Julie and starts yelling in the makeup room, Flo starts yelling as well before confronting Natalie and gets in her face. Security starts to get in between of the two when Flo grabs Natalie’s wrist and while security grabs Natalie and turns her around, Flo grabs Natalie’s hair and pulling her sideways before letting her go. Flo is then rushed out of the makeup room while Natalie screams “There’s no god in the bad girls club house!”

Winner:flo she ate Natalie down and flipped her out that chair go flo you betta beat her ass I'm honestly tired of natalie and her new shows


BGC4 Reunion - Flo vs. Natalie (Unedited, Uncut and All 3 Angles)