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Florina vs. Kendra
Season 4: Los Angeles
Between Flo Kaja and Kendra James
Number of Fights 2

Flo vs. Kendra is the altercation between Flo Kaja and Kendra James in Season 4 of Bad Girls Club. Flo voluntarily leaves the house due to this altercation.


Round 1

After a heated argument between these two girls, Kendra eventually does a little slap to Flo's face and whilst Flo has a cigar in her mouth, She pushes her back even harder and the 2 are pulled and broken apart by Natalie and Lexie and the fight ends there with Flo yelling at Kendra.

Winner: Tie


Round 2[]

When Flo feels like the underdog of the house when everyone turns against her, she belittles Kendra and calls her a slut, which makes Kendra attempt to pick with her. Flo's insane behavior is noted by Kendra, who is aware of Flo's continuous picking on her. She attempts to put her head in a trash can, and the two push each other until Flo realizes that everyone turned against her, gradually forcing herself to leave.

Winner: Flo



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