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Amber vs. Flo
Season 4
Between Flo Kaja and Amber McWha

Flo vs. Amber is the physical altercation between Flo Kaja and Amber McWha in Season 4 of Bad Girls Club. Flo risks being removed from the house after this, yet she suffered from injuries.


After Flo confronts Amber for being a hypocrite when it comes to homosexuality, Flo admonished her for making out with girls, yet disagreeing that she likes girls. When Amber is defensive, she pushes Flo in the pool, making Flo break her ankle. After Flo struggles out of the pool, she fights her, and slams her on the concrete. Amber has the ability to send Flo home for violence, but at the end, she decides not to.

Winner: Flo



Flo vs Amber