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Erika vs. Rima
Season 9: Mexico
Between Erika Jordan and Rima Mellal

Erika vs. Rima is the physical altercation between Erika Jordan and Rima Mellal in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club. The physical altercation resulted in Erika being removed from the house.


Erika and Rima's friendship took a downfall after Julie tells Erika that Rima was talking about her behind her back. The feud escalated to the point where Erika began picking on Rima constantly. Rima, eventually, couldn't tolerate the constant disrespect. Rima confronts Erika, who calls her a slut and talks about her parenting. Rima gets in Erika's face, making her repeat what she said. After Rima refuses to get out of Erika's face, Erika grabs her by the back of the head and punches her in the face. Rima grabs Erika’s bonnet with Erika swinging and missing Rima’s forehead before putting her in a headlock and walks her through the hallway. Erika begins hitting Rima hard in the back of the head and her back as Rima also punches Erika in the stomach two times. The two are eventually broken up by security.

Winner: Erika


The girls in the house begin laughing about Rima getting beat up. Ashley, however, began to cry because Rima got beat up. Production tells Erika that she has to leave for punching Rima so hard in the face. Erika leaves the house, upsetting Mehgan, Falen, Julie, and Christina. Rima and Ashley on the other hand are happy about this.