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Erika vs. Julie
Season 9: Mexico - Reunion
Between Erika Jordan and Julie Ofcharsky
Number of Fights 1

Erika vs. Julie is the physical altercation between Erika Jordan and Julie Ofcharsky in the ninth season's reunion of Bad Girls Club. 


During the second part of the BGC9 reunion, Erika confronted Rima about their altercations in the house. In a way similar to Mehgan, she states that she does not want to fight Rima anymore and admits her wrongs, before confronting Julie as the one who caused the confusion and manipulated both girls. Erika then steps up to Julie, who stays seated to fight her. Erika gets on top of Julie and starts punching her in the head and face, pulling Julie’s hair as well, Julie fights back and hits Erika in the arm and chest as well, both hit each other before security comes and gets Erika off Julie, who keeps hitting her and pulling Erika’s skirt up.