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The Bullyguard

Shanefight jasmine and Gigi end up going home because she beat up Tina so as Shane beat up jazmone

Premature Evacuation

7 new girls enter their Miami mansion. The other girls except Teresa thinks that Tess is a Debbie Downer. Teresa and Tess decide to stay home the first night, Teresa stayed after the sun burn she got from the sun, and Tess because she didn't feel like it. The other girls go out and plan to kick Tess out of the house. Back at the house, Tess calls her mother and decides that she wants to leave the house because of privacy purposes. When the other girls return home, they see that Tess wants to leave. Tess finally leaves the house. The next target became Sarah, after her constant talking. The second night, a throw-down began with Tiana and Sarah.

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