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Elliadria vs. Kaila
Season 16: Social Disruption
Between Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin and Kaila "Winter" Wilkey
Number of Fights 1

Elliadria vs. Kaila is physical altercation between Elliadria and Kaila featured on Season 16: Social Disruption. Elliadria was removed from the house after this fight.



After an intense argument on the party bus, tension has been growing with Elliadria and Kaila. When the group goes out to the club, Kaila has her friends come over to the VIP section, much to the groups dismay. When everybody is in the party bus, Elliadria begins comments on everybody's bodily oder. Kaila says that she doesn't smell bad and it leads to an argument between Elliadria and Kaila about Kaila being self centered. The two continue the argument at the house in the beauty. Elliadria bumps Kaila and gets in her face and says that if she was Kailie, Kaila would've hit her already. Kaila denies this and says that she doesn't want to fight. Elliadria states that she wants to fight and pushes Kaila. Kaila runs up trying to push back but gets scratched in the face. The two swing at each other both missing their swings before Elliadria starts punching Kalia on her shoulder and then the back of her head. Kaila tries to tackle her but gets stopped as Elliadria continues to punch Kaila on the back of her head. Elliadria gets tripped and falls, still punching Kaila, and throws Kaila over her head. The two begin wrestling and security drags them across the room. While Elladria is pulling Kaila's hair. Kaila is trying to kick Elliadria away from her. Elliadria bits her finger and lets go of her hair, putting an end to the fight. Since the fight is heavily edited it's difficult to determine the real winner. Winter stated in her BGC experience video that a big part of the fight was edited out.

Winner: Elliadria


Elliadria starts screaming in the security guards that Kaila finally met her match and that she should pick on someone her own size. Kaila goes outside with security and says that she thinks the finger Elliadria bit may be broken. Kaila is driven to the hospital to go get her finger examined. Elliadria cries to her mom and says that she didn't want to fight, but she felt like it needed to happen. Elliadria goes to a hotel and is sent home the next day for bitting Kaila's finger. Kaila's fingernail was gone and her pinky was broken.



Uncut- (Both Angles)