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Anne vs. Elliadria
Baddies South
Between Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin and Anne Moore


Round 1

After Elliadria says that her conversation with Anne is getting nowhere, Anne yells "What?!" X2 and stands up and attacks Elliadria by jumping on top of her and quickly landing a punch to her face before they both fall of the couch and then onto the floor and both Anne and Elliadria start repeatedly punching each other on their faces/heads and also both start repeatedly kicking each other on their legs until a security guard come to break them up and the fight ends there with Round 2 quickly happening later.

Winner: Anne

Round 2

After Round 1 between these 2 girls, Anne runs up on Elliadria again and triple-swings on Elliadria and snatches her wig off whilst Elliadria puts Anne's head down and start repeatedly hitting her on top of her head and starts pulling and yanking on her hair until the security guard once again pulls the 2 apart from each other and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tie