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Elease vs. Gabi And Danni
Season 8: Las Vegas
Between Danni Victor, Gabi Victor, and Elease Donovan
Number of Fights 2

Elease vs. The Victor Twins is the physical altercations between Elease Donovan and the Victor Twins in the eighth season of Bad Girls Club.



Round 1[]

Gabi decides to draw pictures and messages to Elease on the computer table. Once seeing this, Elease draws two SpongeBob's. Gabi walks in and draws hair on SpongeBob. Elease and Gabi start fighting and is blocked by Amy. Gabi blocks the computer but is pushed away by Elease. Gabi pulls Elease's hair and drags her down to the floor. Dani jumps in and pulls Elease hair. The fight is broken up by Amy and Mimi.

Winners: Tie

Round 2[]

Dani and Gabi start arguing with Erica and Gia over trying to get rid of Elease. When they pull up to the restaurant, Elease walks past and hears the conversation. The twins ask her why she's ease dropping. Elease pushes Gabi leading to a physical altercation. The fight is broken up by security while Mimi storms out angry.

Winners: Elease



BGC8 The Twins vs Elease


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