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I'm exactly where I need to be.
Elease Donovan
Bad Girl Information
The Brick House
May 14, 1988
Miami, Florida
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 8: Las Vegas (replacement)
Love Games (Season 4) (guest appearance)
Bad Girls All-Star Battle (Season 2)
24 episodes
Amy Cieslowski
Demitra Roche
Erica Figueroa
Gia Sapp-Hernandez
Season 8
Camilla Poindexter
Christine Moon
Danni Victor
Gabi Victor
Bad Girls All-Star Battle, Season 2
Rocky Santiago
Camilla Poindexter
Tiana Small
Replacement; Stayed in the house in Season 8
Eliminated in Bad Girls All-Star Battle, Season 2
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Elease Donovan (also known as The Brick House) is a replacement bad girl on season 8 of the Bad Girls Club. She also made a short appearance on Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too (season 4). Elease appeared on Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 2). She is currently 34 years old and works as a real estate advisor.

The first replacement of Season 8 replacing Jenna, she was given a rather cold welcome by the other girls(particularly the Victor twins) due to no wanting another girl in the house, but Elease disregarded this and made it obvious she wasn't intimidated. After attending a mansion party that was hosted by Tiara and Stasi from the previous season, Elease arrives home to find out that her clothes were tossed outside and into to the pool, which the girls had done having arrived earlier than she had. After finding a way into the house, she attempted to exact revenge by tossing their stuff into the pool as well, but she is pushed into the pool, and jumped twice that same night.

The following day, the bullying continued as the girls ruin her clothes, but she refuses to let the girls get a rise out of her, which leads to Erica and the others besides the twins eventually warming up to Elease and not continue to bully her, likely to avoid post season negativity for their actions. This doesn't stop the twins however as they still try to torment and bully Elease, which eventually leads to the girls siding with Elease and jumping the twins a while later after their behavior quickly begins to annoy the others. The twins leave the house shortly after being jumped, which results in Christine and Camilla coming in as replacements. The girls quickly jump and throw out Christine's stuff after she has a change of heart about being on the show, and Elease joins the other girls in doing this despite having been subject to the same treatment her first night.

Camilla is eventually the next target as the girls begin to treat her rather coldly too, and in frustration she removes Elease's bed from the room they shared(Elease previously shared a room with Mimi, but opted to room with Camilla due to not liking Mimi's clingy behavior to her) after the girls had ignored her and gave her attitude when they were out that day. This leads to an attempted altercation as the girls besides Gia attempt to jump her, but Camilla manages to rip Mimi's weave from her head. The hostility continues as the girls once again try to get Camilla out of the house in another attempt to jump her, which leads to her removal.

At the reunion however, Elease is fought multiple times by Camilla who called her stupid for being friends with the same girls who had jumped her the first night;this leads to a rather one sided fight where Camilla beats Elease who is then quickly tag teamed by her friend in the audience after security separates them. Camilla then sneaks Elease during an altercation that Gia is having with an audience member, and when Elease attempts to fight her again, Camilla quickly punches and kicks her, which leads to another embarrassing defeat on her part as she suffers a fall. She gets one final beating when Camilla tosses a pillow at her later, with Elease tossing it back her, leading to Camilla angrily getting up to fight her as Elease leans back and rapidly kicks her in the legs with her heels as security splits them apart;Camilla does one last lunge at Elease as she latches on to her hair which knocks Elease down, with an angry Elease yelling at her to sit down so they can get the reunion over with. The reunion eventually concludes with neither having a resolution.

Elease later appears on Love Games, which happens to also have Camilla, Dani, Gabi, and Erica and Amy on the show. After a bit of angry banter between the twins and Erica, Elease chimes in and an angry Gabi and her get into an argument with Gabi attempting to snatch Elease by her hair as she also does the same in retaliation, leading to a brief scuffle with Camilla and Dani trying to jump in. Elease and Gabi however are removed from the house due to fighting.

Elease finally makes one last appearance on All Star Battle 2 as a competitor; In an attempt to form an alliance, Camilla and Elease squash their beef and try to form a duo of sorts for the competition, but after Elease loses a challenge, Camilla angrily thinks Elease lost on purpose, which leads to her tossing her stuff into the pool, and both briefly fight with Camilla beating Elease to the ground. This puts their alliance on blast which Camilla apologizes for, and the two "reconcile", however Elease is actually plotting against Camilla, and decides to get her voted off when shes done with her. At elimination, Camilla calls Elease out and snatches her from the back in an attempt to beat her, but Elease pulls her off the chairs and both wind up on the floor with security intervening. After this, Elease is soon voted off herself.


Season 8[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 4 Episode 5-7 Episode 8-10 Episode 11-12 Episode 13
Elease Elease Elease Elease Elease Elease
  1. Elease replaced Jenna in episode 4.
  2. Elease made it to the end of the show.

Love Games (season 4) (appearance)[]

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 2)[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7
Elease Elease Elease Elease Elease Elease
  1. Elease was eliminated from the competition in episode 7.


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Twinselease Bed, Bathing Suit and Beyond
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Camilla's Friend

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Three Girls Enter, One Girl Leaves
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EleaseCamilla7 All Hail the Queen


  • Allegedly, Elease used a fake name for BGC, possibly for privacy purposes. Many blogs claim that Elease is not her real name. Many also claim her real name is Kadianne.
  • She was jumped by 6 girls, which is the most number of girls that jumped one person in BGC history after Hailey in Season 11 (who got jumped by 5 girls).


Season 8[]