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ET vs. Sapphire
Baddies East
Between Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin and Sapphire Blaze
Number of Fights 2
Episodes Baddies East: The Reunion Pt.3

Scarface vs. Sapphire are the physical altercations between Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin and Sapphire Blaze on the Baddies East reunion.

Round 1

While Sapphire and Scarface are going back and forth with each other, Scarface lunges forward at Sapphire and begins to punch her in the face, hitting her in the face, head, and shoulder 5-7 times. Sapphire was shocked, and tried to fight back, but she misses her punch on Scarface. Scarface backs up, to give herself some more room to fight, away from the other girls who are eagerly waiting to jump in. Sapphire chases Scarface, and Scarface smacks Sapphire in the face twice, then grabs Sapphire's hair, and pulls Sapphire's head down by her hair, and punches Sapphire in the face at least four times, before security can break it up. While Scarface is pulling Sapphire, they are slowly hopping off of the set.

Winner: Scarface

Round 2latest?cb=20240225235302

After Mariahlynn fights Scarface, Sapphire attempts to kick Scarface, but the kick doesn't quite land. Sapphire is still tired from getting her ass beat the first round by Scarface, but Sapphire tries to follow-up the kick with a weak punch to the face. Scarface leans her head backwards slightly, and the punch misses. Sapphire backs up slightly, and Scarface runs in, grabs Sapphire's hair with her left hand, and tries to punch Sapphire with her right hand. The initial punch misses, and Sapphire wraps her arm around Scarface's head, putting Scarface in a headlock. After Sapphire puts Scarface in the headlock, Sapphire does not land any hits on Scarface, and Scarface punches Sapphire in her head 4-5 times before security can break the fight up. In the background, you can hear Sukihana (Sapphire's friend at the time) hyping Sapphire up, and trying to jump in the fight. Sukihana did not successfully jump in the fight.

Winner: Scarface