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Scarface vs. Mariahlynn & Sapphire
Baddies East
Between Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin, Mariahlynn Araujo and Sapphire Blaze
Number of Fights 1
Episodes Baddies East: The Reunion Pt.3

ET vs. Mariahlynn & Sapphire is the physical altercation between Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin with Mariahlynn Araujo and Sapphire Blaze on the reunion of Baddies East.

ET and Mariah start arguing so Mariahlynn hopped off the couch and squared up to ET. The girls try to hit each other but they both block each other's hits, except for ET landing one in Mariah's shoulder, which causes her to lose balance, allowing ET to then hit her on the head twice and start pulling her hair, making Mariah trip and fall on a cushioned seat. ET then lunges at Sapphire and pulls her hair before security breaks them up. Round 2 of Sapphire and ET's fight starts immediately after.

Winner: ET