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Diamond the Body vs. Tinkaabellaaa
Baddies Caribbean
Between Tatyana "Tinka Bella" Williams and Diamond the Body
Number of Fights 6
Episodes “Don't Get Too Comfortable” “Last night in Barbados”

Diamond vs. Tinka are the physical altercations between Diamond the Body and Tatyana "Tinka Bella" Williams on the fifth season of Baddies, Baddies Caribbean (Season 5).

Round 1

The ladies were not too fond of each other from the jump due to Diamond snatching Tinka's wig at the auditions to get a ticket, leading to an altercation which Tinka won. They cross paths in the house and immediately start fighting, with Tinka jumping onto Diamond and starting to wrestle her, punching her in the back of the neck and shoulder in the process. Diamond tries to retaliate but cannot as Tinka has her in a headlock. Tinka continues to hit her until the fight is broken up.

Winner: Tinkabellaaa

Round 2

Tinka and Diamond go for another round, squaring up at each other again. Diamond tries to hit Tinka but she dodges it and shoots for Diamond's torso, punching her in the side and then in the arm and lightly in the neck before Diamond starts getting the upper hand in the fight by pulling Tinkabella's wig, hitting her twice while Tinka continues to swing. Tinka takes advantage of her being down and uses it as an opportunity to rush Diamond into the door, causing her to fall onto the ground outside the house. The women continue struggling until security breaks up the fight.

Winner: Tinkaabellaaa

Round 3

Diamond tells Tinka to fight her once again, saying for them to go in the grass because she didn't want to fight on concrete. They square up again and Tinka throws herself at Diamond, wrestling her and punching her in the back once while putting her in a headlock. In the struggle, Diamond manages to punch Tinka in the face and in the neck and forehead once. Tinka eventually throws Diamond on the ground and the women continue to fight until security breaks it up.

Winner: Diamond the Body