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Diamond Vs. Slim
Baddies Caribbean
Between Diamond the Body and Slim2Bad

Round 1


After Diamond the Body fights Dia, Slim2Bad would sneak Diamond the Body and tries to hit her chest but it misses and Slim would also miss another hit on Diamond's head while the fight is quickly broken up by security.

Winner: Tie

Round 2


During the eviction vote, Slim2Bad was evicted out of the house so Slim decides to fight Diamond because Diamond says why Slim should go home, and Slim2Bad runs up and flips Diamond the Body over the bar counter. While they get in a tussle, Slim2Bad still grabs Diamond's hair while security breaks the fight up.

Winner: Slim2Bad

Round 3


Diamond the Body still wants to fight Slim2Bad after Round 2 and takes her wig off. The two square up and they deliver blows to each other with Diamond's hits hitting Slim's chin and chest and Slim2Bad's hits narrowly avoiding Diamond's chest too and Slim would trip on the counter with Diamond the Body hitting Slim on top of her and security finally breaks the fight up.

Winner: Diamond the Body

Round 4


The two would fight again and they would exchange hits while grabbing each other and Diamond the Body starts popping Slim2Bad's head before security breaks up the fight. Eventually, Slim is evicted from the house after the fight.

Winner: Diamond the Body