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Diamond's Instagram Post stirred up controversey when she made an offensive video about her ex girlfriend Olivia "Liv" Adams on January 27, 2016 which was the day of the reunion.


The girls show up at the reunion as planned with tension between The OGs and Team Replacements. However they all met up with their friends and everything was fine until someone asked Diamond a question via Periscope about her relationship with Liv. Her friends Asia, Angela, and Kristina were also seen in the video. Diamond responded to the question in an Italian accent: "Stop asking me about where the fuck is Olivia. We don't fuck with this cancer patient." Asia, Kristina, and Angela were seen laughing. Meanwhile Asia said that: "Yeah! We don't fuck with fugazi!" To keep the joke going on, Angela had sacastically asked " And just where is this cancer patient?" Then Diamond responded: "She should be dead!" All four girls were seen laughing. She soon received backlash for the comments that she made. She would post another video explaining her previous post which Angela and Amber was also in. She then said: "Ya'll mad and ya'll don't even know what fuck is going. Ya'll need to calm the fuck down and tune in March 15th and then we can talk. Until look at my beautiful bae." (refering to Angela).


  • Liv had changed her clothes just like most of the girls.
  • During the reunion, Diamond and Liv had 3 physical altercation which Liv was sent backstage to cool down.


  • It is rumored that Olivia first saw the post through Susu which would explain why she responded through Susu's twitter.
  • Shown on the reunion, Hanan showed Liv the second video.


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