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Go get your f*cking chain b*tch
Destiny "Sukihana" Henderson
Bad Girl Information
Novemeber 15, 1991
Wilmington, DE
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Sapphire Blaze
Damerlin "Biggie" Baez
Natalie Nunn
Krystal "Smiley" Borrego
Baddies West Auditons
Suzanne "Stunna Girl" Brown
Baddies East
Gia "Rollie" Mayham
Mariahlynn Araujo (formerly)
Anyssa "Ahna Mac" Santiago
Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin
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Destiny Henderson (Better known as "Sukihana") is a replacement baddie on Baddies East. She is currently 31 years old and resides in Wilmington, Delaware. She previously starred as a main cast member of Love and Hip Hop: Miami.

She also appeared as one of the main judges on Baddies West Auditions, where she got into an altercation with then-contestant Stunna Girl.

She would be introduced as a replacement for Baddies East. She would initially start a feud with Smiley regarding their internet exchange and her stealing Mariahlynn's chain. However, they would later reconcile. During the Jamaica trip Suki confronts the whole house for ganging up on Smiley and goes off on Scarface, after that Rollie gets into and both had a huge physical altercation, laterly she would have a brief falling out with Sapphire due Sapphire doesn't jump for her in the fight with Rollie, before reconciling. After that both Sapphire and Suki had a falldown with Mariahlynn leading in multiple altercations.

Sukihana would also appear on Baddies Caribbean as a main cast member where she talks to Sapphire about their friendship, before deciding to leave to focus on her own projects.


Baddies East[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10-12 Episode 13-16 Episode 17-20
Sukihana Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki
  1. Sukihana replaces Woah Vicky in episode 8.
  2. Sukihana made it to the end of the show.

Baddies Caribbean[]

Baddie Episodes
Episode 1
Suki Suki
  1. Suki voluntarily left the show in episode 1 to focus on her projects.
  2. Suki is replaced by Bigg Keva in episode 4.


Image Opponents Episode
StunnaSuki2 Stunna Girl Baddies West Auditions
SapphireSukiSmiley Smiley Time To Bite The Apple
SukihanaRollie Rollie Hangry Friends
SukiMariahlynn Mariahlynn One Love


  • Sukihana has starred on Love and Hip Hop: Miami as a main cast member since the shows third season.
  • She was a judge at the Baddies West auditions.
  • She is one of the fan favorites on Baddies East