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Ima try my best to not beat the s***t out this little white girl!
Deshayla "Shay" Harris
Bad Girl Information
The Firecracker Fashionista
May 23, 1992
March 26, 2021
Norfolk, Virginia
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 17: East Meets West
10 episodes
Seven Craft (formerly)
Keyaira "Key" Hamilton (formerly)
Susan Shermann (formerly)
Francesca Jacovino
Sayyora Badalbaeva (formerly)
Kiyanna Bygrave (formerly)
Briana "Bri" Walker (formerly)
Stayed in the house in Season 17
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Deshayla "Shay" Harris (also known as The Firecracker Fashionista) was an original bad girl on Season 17. Deshayla passed away at 28 years old. At the time she died, she was residing in Norfolk, Virginia.


This firecracker fashionista was always ready to party. A proud east coaster, Deshayla thinks west coasters are boring and weak, but that won’t stop her from hooking up with her roommates as she doesn’t discriminate by area code. The girls should be warned that she can be spiteful and ruthless as she once stole her best friend’s girlfriend. While in the BGC loft, Deshayla hopes to work on her trust and daddy issues.


Deshayla was shot and killed during a series of shootings in Virginia Beach on March 26, 2021 according to authorities. A press release issued by the Virginia Beach Police department said Harris had been a bystander at the second shooting incident. She reportedly died at the scene. Just hours before the events transpired, Harris had posted a video of herself on Instagram with a caption that read: “I’m only doing s**t that’s gonna make me elevate!”[1]


Season 17: East Meets West[]

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  1. Deshayla made it to the end of the show.


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  • Deshayla is the third bad girl from Virginia, following Ashley King and Falen Ghirmai.
  • She's the 4th Bad Girl to pass away.


Season 17[]