How boring was I when I punched you in the eye? How boring was that? B*TCH!
Demitra Roche
The Miami Maverick
Season(s) 8
First seen Throw-Up, Throw Down
Last seen Season 8: Reunion Part 2
Appeared in 15 episodes
Biographical Information
Born July 17, 1986
Title(s) Mimi
The Miami Maverick
Hometown Miami, Florida
Physical Information
Status Original
Voluntarily Left
Made it to the End
Age 25 (filming)
30 (currently)
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown Mixed with Blonde
Eye Color Black
Familial Information
Children An'geliqua (daughter)
Siblings Rico (brother)
Friends Elease Donovan
Erica Figueroa
Amy Cieslowski
Gia Sapp-Hernandez
Jenna Russo
Christine Moon
Enemies Camilla Poindexter
Danni Victor
Gabi Victor
Natalie Nunn
JazMone Adams
Media Information
Twitter @MiMiTheDreamer
Instagram @demitraroche
Snapchat @RocheGold
Demitra "Mimi" Roche (also known as The Miami Maverick) is an original bad girl on Season 8. Mimi is currently 30 years old and she resides in Miami, Florida.


A platinum blonde Haitian party girl with a punk rock look, Demitra works as a party host and music blogger. Known in the Miami party scene, Demitra's job brings her a lot of perks that allows her to mingle with celebrities.


Season 8

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11-13
Demitra Demitra Demitra Demitra Demitra Demitra
  1. Demitra voluntarily left the house in episode 9 after she couldn't attend the trip to Cabo.
  2. Demitra returned to the show in episode 10.
  3. Demitra made it to the end of the show.


Opponents Episode
AmyMimiGia Amy Throw-Up, Throw Down
Amymimi5 Weaving Las Vegas
Eleasevshouse Elease Sink or Swim
Twinsvsthehouse Gabi & Dani Double Trouble
Camillahouse Camilla Breakup Breakdown
Camillamimi Go Big Go Home


  • Her favorite bad girl is Tanisha from season 2.
  • A bad girl that she will love to hate is Char from season 6.
  • Would like to live with Lea from season 5.
  • Would like Jessica from season 6 to back her up in a fight.
  • Would love to party with Kristen from season 5.
  • Thought Natalie from season 4 brought the most drama.
  • Thinks she is most like Brandi from season 5.
  • Can't leave the house without her Blackberry, lipgoss, and extra underwear.
  • If she could date an actor, it would be either Idris Elba or Benjamin Bratt.


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