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Darlen Escobar
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Austin, Texas
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Season 2
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Andrea Sharples
Hanna Thompson
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Stayed in the house in Season 2
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She fat bitch, “I don’t like the girl” No she’s fat , she’s bitch, okay.

Darlen Escobar is an original bad girl on Season 2. Darlen was 25 during filming and she resided in Austin, Texas.


Darlen has multiple nicknames like “Drama Darlen, Drunk Darlen, Downtown Darlen”. Also, she is hot head and isn’t afraid to stand up to anyone no matter what gender or size. A lot of her problems are kept secretive until she just goes insane. Darlen stares “that’s why I’m crazy”.


Season 2

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Darlen Darlen Darlen Darlen Darlen Darlen
  1. Darlen made it to the end of the show.


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