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I'm sorry but you guys are really ugly!
Dalila Ortiz
Bad Girl Information
The Chicago Wild Card
February 17, 1988
Chicago, Illinois
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 12: Chicago
4 episodes
Alex Rice (formerly)
Aysia Garza (formerly)
Blu Booth
Britt Britton
Jada Cacchilli (formerly)
Loren Jordan
Left the house in Season 12
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Dalila Ortiz (also known as The Chicago Wild Card) is a replacement bad girl in Season 12. Dalila is currently 35 years old and she resides in Chicago, Illinois.


Season 12: Chicago[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 12 Episode 13
Dalila Dalila Dalila
  1. Dalila replaced Redd in episode 12
  2. Dalila voluntarily left the house in episode 13 after an altercation with Loren.


Opponents Episode
Brittdalila Britt Insults and Injuries
Brittdalila2 Season 12: Reunion Part 3


  • Dalila appeared on "Bar Rescue" as a guest.


Season 12[]