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The cliques in Bad Girls Club are a crucial part of the storylines, entertainment, and fights that occur each season. Most of the cliques have names, whether while in the house or by the fans of the series. Some friendships and cliques either remained strong or dissolved while in the house. This is a definitive list of friendships and its history from each season of Bad Girls Club.

Season 2

The Hyena Sisters

The Hyena Sisters is a clique that consists of Hanna Thompson, Neveen Ismail, and Tanisha Thomas. They are well-known for their feuds with the opposite clique, The Party Girls. Although the three were tight-knit, their clique nearly dissolved after a heated argument between Tanisha and Neveen in the near-end episodes of Season 2.

The Party Girls

The Party Girls is a clique that consists of Cordelia Carlisle, Darlen Escobar, Jennavecia Russo, and Lyric Greene. They are known for their feuds with The Hyena Sisters, who they occasionally pulled pranks on in the house. Jennavecia Russo, particularly, pranked Tanisha when she ruined her clay sculpture and put hot sauce in Tanisha's juice. This prank led to numerous verbal altercations among the cliques, as well as a physical altercation between Jennavecia and Tanisha that put both girls at risk of removal from the house.

After Jennavecia made racist comments towards Tanisha Thomas, Lyric disassociated herself with Jennavecia and decided to leave the house. The aftermath of Jennavecia's fight with Tanisha led to Jennavecia having second thoughts about Darlen, leaving Cordelia and Jennavecia as the core members. The clique slowly dissolved once Jennavecia was removed from the house from leaving her job.

Season 3

Fab 5

The Fab 5 is a clique in the third season; the group consisted of Ailea Carr, Ashley Weaver, Sarah Michaels, Tiffany Davis, and Whitney Collings. They were known for their physical altercation with Amber Meade.

The Ambers

The Ambers is a duo that consisted of Amber Buhl and Amber Meade in the third season. They appeared in Season 4 together with the phenomenon "The Amber Show."

Season 5

Morgan, Cat and Kristen

This is a short-lived friendship that consisted of Catya Washington, Kristen Kelly, and Morgan Osman from the first two episodes. The three immediately connected with each other in the first episode, but their group and Morgan's behavior forced the other girls to pack Morgan's things out of the house.

Lea and Kristen

Kristen Kelly and Lea Beaulieu's friendship was short-lived, as the two butted heads in the beginning. The girls particularly believed that Lea's behavior changed once she befriended Kristen, who Brandi accused of using her and talking about her. After Brandi's exit, Lea's friendship with Kristen dissolved. After Kristen, under the influence, punched Lea in the face, and got into a physical altercation with her.

Season 6

Char's Minions

This clique, dubbed by fans based on the show, is a clique consisting of Char Warren, Jessica Rodriguez, and Kori Koether. The group was well-known as the opposing side of Nikki Galladay and Lauren Spears, as they split based on Nikki's immaturity and Char's dominance in the house. The clique had a rocky relationship when Jessica and Kori remained cordial with Nikki and Lauren, but the group eventually dissolved prior to the reunion. At the reunion, Char was the target of discussion when Jessica and Kori questioned Char's loyalty to them based on things that were said about them.

Bad girls Jennifer Buonagurio and Wilmarie Sena were closely affiliated with Char's Minions against Nikki and Lauren.

Nikki and Lauren

Nikki Galladay and Lauren Spears were the opposing side of the house against Char's Minions. Nikki, who was only on a team of her own when the girls were against her constant antics, grew a closer friendship with Lauren and it rubbed Char the wrong way. Eventually, the two enjoyed having fun together and pulling pranks on the other clique in the house. However, their friendship somewhat dissolved in the near-end of Season 6 when Nikki's antics offended Lauren. However, the two rekindled their relationship.

Bad girl Wilmarie Sena was closely affiliated with Nikki and Lauren's duo in Season 6, but left.

Season 7: New Orleans

Team Real

Team Real, dubbed by fans of Bad Girls Club, is a clique-friendship initially consisting of Angie Castillo, Judi Jackson, Nastasia Townsend, and Tiara Hodge. The clique was developed in the second episode of Season 7 throughout, despite Angie leaving the clique prior to a physical altercation with Nastasia and Tiara. Despite this, Judi, Nastasia, and Tiara remained a force. The group were together, mostly against Team Clean, who didn't connect with Team Real's actions, especially Judi's. This clique is considered one of the fan-favorite cliques.

Team Clean

Team Clean, dubbed by fans of Bad Girls Club, is a clique-friendship initially consisting of Priscilla Mennella, Shelly Hickman, and Tasha Malek; eventually, Angie Castillo joined the group at one point against Team Real. The group somewhat dissolved once Priscilla and Tasha were removed from the house, but had a rocky start when Shelly found Tasha's homophobic slurs and her complaining about Shelly's girlfriend very offensive. Really, Priscilla and Tasha had a closer friendship with each other as well.

Season 8

Erica, Gia, Danni and Gabi

This is a short-lived clique/affiliation between Erica Figueroa, Gia Sapp-Hernandez, Danni Victor, and Gabi Victor in the beginning of the episodes. They were known for their feuds with Jenna Russo and Elease Donovan. However, when Erica and Gia felt like Danni and Gabi were constantly bullying and jumping Elease and taking things too far, the girls seemed to keep their distance from them, thus dissolving the clique.

Erica, Gia, Elease and Mimi

Once Danni and Gabi became enemies, Erica, Gia, Elease Donovan, and Demitra Roche became a new force against them, along with Christine Moon and Camilla Poindexter. Their relationship strengthened once they all teamed up to fight the twins, forcing them to voluntarily leave.

Season 9: Mexico


This clique, dubbed by Erika Jordan, consisted of Falen Ghirmai, Julie Ofcharsky, and Mehgan James. This was a short-lived clique that developed from the beginning to the middle in the show. In the middle of the season, however, Falen and Julie turned their backs on Mehgan when they felt like she was miserable and negative to them. They confirmed the end of this friendship, and the three fought each other eventually. Mehgan fought Falen alongside Rima Mellal, then fought Falen and Julie at the reunion.

The Sad Girls

This clique, dubbed by Falen, Julie, and Mehgan, is a short-lived clique that developed in the beginning to the third episode of the show. It consisted of Ashley Dye, Christina Salgado, Erika Jordan, and Rima Mellal.

Season 10: Atlanta


The friendship known as "ShanRock" consists of Shannon Sarich and Raquel "Rocky" Santiago. The friendship developed once Rocky appeared as a replacement in the house. However, their friendship went through trials and tribulations because the rest of the girls in the house tried to convince Rocky that Shannon is untrustworthy. Rocky once believed this after Shannon made Rocky, intoxicated, sleep with a man she didn't know. This disheartened the rest of the girls, but they were irritated when Shannon and Rocky's friendship continued. Rocky also seemed to be a guiding light to Shannon who didn't seem to defend herself against the aggressors Alicia Saaman, Paula Hellens, and Valentina Anyanwu in the house. Their friendship continues to strive.

Alicia and Valentina

The friendship between Alicia Samaan and Valentina Anyanwu was a dominant force in the tenth season. However, they were known for jumping in fights each were involved in. At one point, their friendship was at stake when Valentina felt bad for a comment Alicia made about Shannon, causing her to cry. Despite this, their friendship seemed to strengthen, but their friendship somewhat ended between the end of season 10 and the second season of Bad Girls All-Star Battle.

Season 11: Miami

The Wolf Pack

The clique, named The Wolf Pack, initially consisted of GiGi Lopez, JazMone Adams, Milyn Jensen, Stephanie Rivera, Teresa Bordeaux, and Tiana Small. The clique eventually added in Mercedies Webber in the mid-season. This is considered one of the controversial cliques on the show because of their bullying, isolating, and jumping throughout the house. They jumped Sarah Oliver, Janelle Shanks, Shanae Thomas, and Hailey Wade. Their jumping went to a point where they were fined for what they did to Hailey.

Season 12: Chicago

Fab Four

The Fab 4 is a short-lived clique involving Alyssa "Redd" Carswell, Brittany "Britt" Britton, Jonica "Blu" Booth, and Loren Jordan in the bad girls house. In this season, the four were against Alex, Aysia, and Jada. However, this clique particularly dissolved when Jonica, Britt, and Loren distanced themselves from Redd after her physical altercation with Jada. The girls started to believe that Redd was a character, an actress, and here for another purpose. At one point, they also felt Britt was very stubborn and try-hard at times, especially towards Jada. Eventually, once Redd and Britt were removed from the groups, the Fab 4 dissolved.

Lame Three

Lame Three, dubbed by Britt, was a rocky clique-friendship between Alexandria Rice, Aysia Garza, and Jada Cacchilli. Despite them turning on each other or fighting, they were a force against The Fab 4. The three often questioned each other's loyalties in the house during their bond, argued as well. In the end, the group dissolved after Jada told Blu about Loren's vaginal odor. Jada took part in kicking Alex out of the house.

Season 13: Redemption

Natalie, Sarah and Judi

The clique between Judi Jackson, Natalie Nunn, and Sarah Oliver began in the beginning of the season. However, this created issues in the house when people felt like Natalie was taking advantage of Judi in the beginning. Eventually, Natalie, Sarah, and Judi joined forces against the rest of the house. The clique eventually dissolved in the house after Natalie's removal.

Rocky, Jada and Julie

This is the ultimate clique between Jada Cacchilli, Julie Ofcharsky, and Raquel "Rocky" Santiago after Natalie and Redd left the house. This clique developed against Sarah Oliver and Judi Jai who hid pictures around the house and also did pranks and antics towards the three. This further divided the house in three, minus Camilla and Danni.

Season 14: Back For More


This clique, dubbed Jela and the twins, is the friendship and clique between Jelaminah "Jela" Lanier, Shannon Clermont, and Shannade Clermont. The girls immediately connected with each other from the first episode until all three of them were removed prior to a controversial incident. The girls were rather disliked by the rest of the house, criticizing Jela and the twins for being standoffish. When the girls all made clear of their rivalry, in one episode, they get into an incident with the other girls in the house when they destroy their items.

The 1X

This is a friendship-clique with Jasmine Carter, Jenna Charland, Kat Florek, and Lauren Lewis, the name is dubbed by Jelaminah Lanier. They were the opposing cliques against Jela and the twins, and they ultimately destroyed their personal belongings, leading to an altercation that drove the three girls out of the house.

Season 15: Twisted Sisters

The OGs

This is the clique involving Asia Jeudy, Amber Thorne, Angela Babicz, Kristina Babicz, Allison Green, and Melissa Green.

The Winning Team

This is the clique involving Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace, Jaimee Wallace, Hanan Ibrahim, and Susu Ibrahim. This clique was shortly developed as soon as Hanan and Susu arrived as replacement bad girls. The four immediately cliqued based on their fun energy, as well as common enemies within Angela and Kristina.

Season 16: Social Disruption

Gang Gang Gang

This is a clique involving Adryan Jones, Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin, Kaila "Winter" Wilkey, and Tabatha "Dreamdoll" Robinson in the house. The group bullied Kailie Lima in the beginning of the season as they felt like she was a weak girl. THey also targeted Brynesha "Talone" Seegers over her motherhood, but respected her after instigating her physical altercation with Zee Carrino. The group fell apart in the house after Dreamdoll and Winter bullied and physically attacked Kailie. Dreamdoll was removed from the house, while the friendship between Persuasian and Winter fell apart and they both fought.

Season 17: East Meets West

Seven, Keyaira, Susan, and Deshayla

This is the clique-friendship between Seven Craft, Keyaira "Key" Hamilton, Susan Sherman, and Deshayla "Shay" Harris.

Kiki, Fran, Sayyora, and Bri

This is the clique-friendship between Kiyanna Bygrave, Sayyora Badalbaeva, Francesca Jacovino, and Briana "Bri" Walker.