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Christine vs. Gia, Elease and Camilla
Season 8: Las Vegas
Between Christine Moon, Gia Sapp-Hernandez, Elease Donovan and Camilla Poindexter
Number of Fights 1

Christine vs. Gia, Elease, and Camilla is the physical altercation between Christine MoonGia Sapp-HernandezElease Donovan, and Camilla Poindexter in the eighth season of Bad Girls Club.


Feeling homesick, Christine informed the Bad Girls that she was ready to go home to her boyfriend. Seeing weakness, the girls started throwing Christine’s stuff into the foyer and out the front door, bullying Christine and calling her a weak bitch, a slut and other stuff. Everyone bullied her except Mimi, telling her she was the weakest girl ever while she tried to pick up her thrown clothes while trembling, trying her best to look tough and pretending she didn’t care to show the girls she was strong.

She got into the van and didn’t say goodbye, Gia, Elease and Camille had a problem. The three girls followed her and opened the car’s door abruptly, Christine was confused and scared, begging the girls not to hurt her; Gia started pulling Christine’s hair making Christine scream while Camilla and elease joined to pull Christine’s hair and to punch her in the face and head, Camilla was hitting Christine while Gia pulled her hair and punched her in the jaw while Elease was holding Christine and also punching her, Christine started crying and screaming in fear begging the girls to stop hurting her covering her damaged face with her shaky hands while the three of them kept brutally beating her up for no reason. Gia was about to pull Christine out of the car but Camilla said it was enough when she heard Christine imploring for mercy.



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