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Christina vs. Julie
Season 9: Mexico
Between Christina Salgado and Julie Ofcharsky
Number of Fights 4

Christina vs. Julie is the physical altercations between Christina Salgado and Julie Ofcharsky in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club.



Christina and Julie's rivalry immediately began as soon as the season progressed. Julie had made negative comments about Christina to Mehgan and Falen as they judged the girls outside of a nightclub in Mexico. Christina confronted Julie publicly about the situation. 

Round 1 (Mini Fight)[]


During the Confrontation between Julie and Christina, Julie mushes Christina in the face as Christina keeps yelling and telling Julie to "Shut the f*ck up bitch!" And then Christina says to Julie "Do Something bitch" then Julie Mushes Christina's face again then Christina does the same back twice then they are stopped by Falen who breaks up the fight.

Winner: Christina

Round 2[]

Christina and Julie fight each other in the kitchen, when Julie bluntly states that she doesn't like Christina, she replies with the same attitude. The two soon get into a physical altercation when Julie mushes/slaps Christina in the face and then Christina makes a grip on Julie’s neck and starts punching Julie in the back of her head, Julie does the same thing and Christina lands 11 punches to Julie and Julie lands 8 punches to Christina. Christina would ultimately get a few more punches than Julie before security grabbed Christina’s arms, allowing Julie to pull her hair and get 3 punches on Christina’s head and 1 punch to the stomach before they were separated. After security gets involved, Christina burns Julie's weave that she pulled out.

Winner: Christina

Round 3[]


Same area: Christina calls Julie fat and Julie retaliates by launching herself at Christina trying to hit her but then gets punched twice in the face and boobs before she could do anything. Christina wraps her arm around Julie’ neck/shoulder before mushing her to the floor as Julie gets some hits on Christina’s head as she begins punching her on the top of her head then both pull each other’s hair but Julie let’s go but Christina doesn’t, and kicks her while being grabbed by security. The two are finally separated with Julie’s nose bleeding.

Winner: Christina

Round 4


Christina makes an indirect comment that Julie feels offended by. Julie attacks Christina verbally, Christina makes fun of Julie’s knot she received, Julie slaps Christina and then Christina punches Julie on the side of her head. Both viciously wrestle and fight, Christina then grabs Julie’s ear and drags her around while Julie kept struggling with her and trying to defend herself, Julie punches Christina’s head, Christina then tosses her to the floor with security gets in between them before anything else could happen.

Winner: Christina