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Christina vs. Falen
Season 9: Mexico
Between Christina Salgado and Falen Ghirmai
Number of Fights 1

Christina vs. Falen is the physical altercation between Christina Salgado and Falen Ghirmai in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club. It was the final fight of the season.


Originally, Christina and Falen got into an argument with each other during dinner in the first few episodes, but it turned into playful banter. In the final episode of the season, after an altercation with Ashley and Mehgan, Christina confronts the rest of the girls for not standing up to her, Mehgan, Erika, and Andrea. Falen stands up to confront her, making claims that Christina was talking behind Erika's back during her rivalry with Rima. Christina pushes Falen on the couch with the rest of the girls, Falen attempts to retaliate, but Rima tells her not to do anything stupid. Mehgan, Erika, and Andrea laugh at her actions, while Christina pushes Falen, Falen gets fed up and they get into an altercation once Christina drop-kicks Falen to the floor and then the two both slap each other on the face then the back of their heads but then Falen puts Christina in a headlock and starts checking her, Christina lands a couple of hits to Falen then a man gets involved to separate them as Falen twists her own neck and keeps choking Christina. Julie tries to get involved, but Mehgan stops her from jumping in.

Winner: Christina