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Christina vs. Ashley
Season 9: Mexico
Between Christina SalgadoandAshley Dye
Episodes Pretty Girl Bounced

Christina vs. Ashley is the physical altercation between Christina Salgado and Ashley Dye in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club


While vacationing away from the house, Christina finds herself alone in the dark where Ashley was supposed to be with her. She goes downstairs and hears Andrea snickering about Christina. Furious, Christina begins to cuss out Andrea. Ashley gets in Christina's face causing Christina to punch Ashley and kick her in the stomach. Ashley walked up to Christina before receiving a hit to her chest before being separated by security


After the fight, Ashley begins screaming and crying and is obviously upset about the fight. The next day, Christina tries to apologize to the girls about her behavior, but none of the girls care to hear her excuses. This fight causes the girls, especially Rima, to take an extreme dislike towards Christina.