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Christina "Tina" Aviles
Bad Girl Information
The Sultry Showstopper
New York, New York
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 14: Back For More
5 episodes
Jasmine Carter
Kat Florek
Lauren Lewis
Jelaminah Lanier
Shannade Clermont
Shannon Clermont
Kicked out of the house in Season 14
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Christina "Tina" Aviles (also known as The Sultry Showstopper) is a original bad girl on Season 14. Tina is currently 26 years old and resides in New York, New York.


Christina “Tina” Aviles is a New York Puerto Rican princess who commands the attention of everyone around her. She loves herself more than anything else and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In a house with six other girls, Christina’s goal is to think before she acts and live life a little less unfiltered.


Season 14: Back for More

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4
Christina Christina Christina Christina Christina
  1. Christina was kicked out of the house in episode 4 after Jela felt like it was her time to go.
  2. Christina is replaced by Jenna in episode 5.


  1. She is the last bad girl ever that was kicked out of the house.