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Chrisean vs. Slim
Baddies South
Between Chrisean Rock and Sashanna "Slim" McLaurin
Number of Fights 2


Round 1


As Slim stands up, Chrisean runs up on Slim and does a punch whilst pushing/tackling her back onto the couch and both girls start repeatedly punch each other with Chrisean repeatedly punching Slim on her face/head whilst Slim slaps Chrisean in the face whilst pulling Chrisean's hair and as security pulls Chrisean away from Slim, the fight ends there but Round 2 happens later on.

Winner: Chrisean

Round 2

After Round 1 between these 2 girls, Chrisean attacks Slim once again and starts repeatedly punching her on her head whilst Slim double-kicks Chrisean on her stomach as security is pulling Chrisean away from her once again, Chrisean drags her to the floor before they're separated, and the fight ends there.

Winner: Chrisean