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Chrisean vs. Slim
Baddies South
Between Chrisean Rock and Sashanna "Slim" McLaurin


Allegedly, Chrisean Rock was annoyed that the baddies couldn't go anywhere, so in a fit of rage, she splashed water on Slim. So, when the girls meet up to hash out all their issues, Slim is ready to pounce on Chrisean, due to what happened the night previous.

Round 1

Slim throws her Nike shoes at Chrisean, and both of them miss. Chrisean turned her body to dodge just in case they would've hit. Slim hops over to Chrisean, so Chrisean throws her right hand back and smacks Slim on the back of the neck. Slim then reached for hair, and misses. She then reaches for Chrisean's hair again, and is able to get some of Chrisean's hair with her left hand. Chrisean swings her right hand three times, but misses the first time. The last two times, she hits Slim in the shoulder. Slim also brings her right hand up to grab hair with both hands. Then, security attempts to break the fight up, and it turns into a full on hair-pulling match. Slim tries to reach around security to get to Chrisean, but ends up hitting a security guard's chest, making a loud popping noise.

Winner: Chrisean

Round 2 (Chrisean & Jela vs. Slim & Rollie, Fight #1)

When Jela and Rollie begin to fight, Jela is winning, and puts Rollie into a headlock. Then, Chrisean jumps in, and punches Rollie in the side of her face while Jela is holding her. Then, Slim runs at Chrisean to stop her from jumping, but security holds Slim back. So Chrisean and Slim begin to argue because Chrisean jumped, and eventually, Chrisean closes the distance between her and Slim, says "Shutup b*tch", and grabs Slim's hair, and punches Slim in the head two times, before Slim turns around, and grabs Chrisean's hair with both hands. Security quickly forces Slim to let go, and then Rollie comes from the side, and pushes Chrisean away. Chrisean walks away, and says "Big fat-ass!", referring to Rollie.

Winner(s): Chrisean + Jela

Round 3 (Chrisean & Jela vs. Slim & Rollie, Fight #2)

While Chrisean is recuperating, and catching her breath, Slim runs up from behind and grabs Chrisean's hair, and pulls, and pulls. (She throws zero punches). Chrisean quickly reacts, and grabs Slim's hair, and Slim accidentally lets go of Chrisean's. So Chrisean is pulling Slim's hair while security is trying to break it up, and Rollie comes from behind, and grabs Chrisean's hair. After Rollie is forced to let go of Chrisean's hair, Chrisean falls, and Slim lands some weak kicks from behind Chrisean, while security holds Slim back.

Winner(s): Slim + Rollie

Round 4

Chrisean is angry because security allowed Rollie and Slim to jump her, so while security is holding Slim, Chrisean runs up, and pushes Slim, and they both fall (because they're in the grass). Chrisean quickly gets back up, and kicks Slim a few times while Slim is still on the ground being held by security. (This scuffle happened so quickly that there aren't many camera angles of the fight, and Rollie and Jela didn't get chances to jump in.

Winner: Chrisean