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Elliadria vs. Chrisean
Baddies South
Between Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin and Chrisean Rock
Number of Fights 2

Chrisean vs. Elliadria is the physical altercation between Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin and Chrisean Rock in the first episode of Baddies South (Season 2).


Round 1: Before they got on the bus everyone decided to clarify stuff and all, Rollie comments that someone has a problem with Chrisean being dirty, Chrisean gets mad and asks who has a problem with her being dirty, Sua says that Chrisean doesn't clean up after herself, which makes Chrisean swing. Since Sua was sitting on the counter of the kitchen, Chrisean punches Sua in the face really hard making Sua fall on the kitchen sink, Chrisean keeps brutally punching Sua non stop while Sua raises up her legs and arms and tries to move as Security breaks it up.

Winner: Chrisean

Round 2: Sua got really mad because she thinks Chrisean snuck her earlier so she starts calling Chrisean a pussy and a coward, Chrisean put on her hoodie and gets ready to fight Sua. Everyone gives them space as Sua squares up and Chrisean comes closer. Chrisean charges and punches Sua twice, Sua also throws a punch, Sua's wig falls, Sua trips and falls to the ground, as Chrisean manages to hit Sua in the face once again, Sua tries to get back in her feet and people try to break it up. Both Sua and Chrisean throw a punch at each other at the same time before they get separated.

Winner: Chrisean